Lady Ra emerged in 1996 via CFRU 93.3 fm in Guelph, Ontario, Canada .
Freshly trained on antiquated community radio equipment and given free
reign of the extensive music library, each show she was able to program
was a revelation. Ethnic flavours quickly emerged as her primary passion.

Upon relocating to Vancouver, Canada, she cofounded the Beats Without
Borders Collective. She has both hosted and shared the stage with musical
wizards such as Gaudi, Makyo, SubSwara, Nickodemus, and others too many to

She travels both overland and underground, to places both near and far;
Yemen, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Spain, Cuba, India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia
being but a few. She does so with her ear to the ground, seeking out and
weaving old and new world sounds into rich musical tapestries hailing from
the Four Corners of Earth.


Providing the soundscape for Camp Moomba's Yogathon, June 2009