Beats without Borders & 5 Years of Global Goodness!

Vj Electrabelle, dj Nils, Lady Ra, T-spoon

Vj Electrabelle, dj Nils, Lady Ra, T-spoon

Whoa, 5 years working with my 3 ‘brothers’ on the Beats without Borders Collective project! It was actually Adrian’s idea, originally, one of his many. And this particular one took root and grew! He envisioned a radio show. Collectively, we thought the radio was a bit limiting for our collective talent and the club nights were born! The combining of live musicianship, dancers, dj’s, and a vj was too enticing to pass by. Oddly enough, the other ‘World’ fusion collective in town, Electropical, began at the same time and celebrates their anniversary in the same week as ours!

It hasn’t always been easy, working with our different personalities and visions, but it has been satisfying. We created our own outlet for what we wanted to contribute to this town (and sometimes far beyond) and without it, certain things most definitely would not exist (Delhi to Dublin – Tarun’s super-Indo-Irish-etc-group, born of a night we did for Celticfest). And for me, it has given me opportunities to share the music I collect and love that has spread from here, to Dubai, to Australia, and in between. I have met like-minded people around the globe and realized once again, just how small our world is.

Our past celebration was off the hook; Nicodemus and Zeb (the Spy from Cairo) were gracious guests and performers-on-fire, and the people who came to celebrate us filled the dance floor with the best vibes I’ve experienced in a long time! Gracias por todos – to my BwB home crew -Nils & Tarun, to Adrian, now living off the land in Hawai’i, to Nico and Zeb, to Suez, our Vj who’s never missed a show, and to all of those who supported us and made this all possible through half a decade! Viva la musica!

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Author:lady ra
Date: Thursday, 3. December 2009 18:17
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