My new friend Zeb – the Spy from Cairo

Nickodemus &  Zeb of Turntables on the Hudson, NY

On Sunday morning, the Creature of the Night, yours truly, got up extra early to interview one of our special guests for Thursday night’s party. In case you’ve been hiding in a cave, on Thursday night, my home crew Beats without Borders ( will be celebrating their 5th Anniversary in bringing the finest Global Fusion talent to Vancouver (as well as developing our own).

Anyway, I interviewed ‘Zeb – the Spy from Cairo’. It was a most hilarious and highly entertaining chat and you can go to my ‘music’ page and listen to it yourself – really, you should! The funny thing too is that ‘Zeb’ is of Arab descent yet calls himself something that in Arabic means… well, if anyone can tell me what it means I will send you copies of my mixes on CD as a prize!

But the current issue is that in fact, Zeb, who was/is to be my houseguest as well as a featured musical act at my show, did not board his plane in Newark this afternoon because the crew at Continental would not allow my friend to keep his oud with him. Way to go, Continental! But we will find a way, because we want our friend and special guest with us no matter what!

Please go to the ‘upcoming events’ page or to get tickets for Thursday’s fanastic event, also starring Nickodemus, founder of New York’s Turntables on the Hudson. See you on the dancefloor, yo!

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Author:lady ra
Date: Tuesday, 17. November 2009 22:46
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  1. 1

    ‘Zeb’ means ‘dick’ in Arabic!!!

  2. 2

    Well, um, yes. I think he is moving towards being called simply ‘the Spy from Cairo’ – anyway, he is a funny guy!

  3. 3

    That was a fantastic show. and it was a pleasure to meet Nickodemus and the Spy From Cairo (Or Salim as he stated to be his preferred name). woot woot. i want more of these shows ;-)

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