Armani Friend of Desert Dwellers: a co-production between Lady Ra & Chris Chill of Interchill!

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So, I’m really pleased to be able to create an event around Amani and his Desert Dweller sound! For real. I’m listening right now to ‘Misty Mountain’  (go head, press play, below!)  in my headphones. There is the gentlest of cool summer evening breezes wafting through my window, I am exhausted from a tightly scheduled week, and I am feeling myself reach my centre. The richly textured layers,  balance of deep bottom bass, flutes light as air, and harmonious mid-tones are just what the shaman ordered .

When I need to create an ambience of crystalline clarity; when I need to smarten up and get yogic; when life as a human on this spinning globe starts to overwhelm; a dose of Desert Dwellers releases just the right amount of seratonin and endorphins. And I am certain that putting Desert Dwellers on regular rotation makes one more intelligent.


Amani Friend (founding member of Desert Dwellers & Liquid Bloom) has been a musician since his fingers could reach a keyboard or percussion instrument. A graduate of the College of Santa Fe’s cutting-edge Contemporary Music Program, he has nearly two decades of music production experience in jazz, blues, dub, electronica, ambient, world music, yoga, healing, and progressive dance music …always combining the diversity of the world with the most modern production methods.

Amani produces regularly with studio partners Treavor Moontribe and Rara Avis under the name Desert Dwellers. The roots of this “virtual band” come deep from within the electronic music gatherings taking place in the deserts of the Southwest. The Desert Dwellers have remixed artists such as Deep Forrest and Karsh Kale; their music appears on White Swan Records, Six Degrees, Native State, Bedrock, System Recordings, Ritual Sounds, and their own label Desert Trax. Amani also produces under Shaman’s Dream, Liquid Bloom, Amani vs. Teapot, and Cerebral Dub.  When not making music, Amani has become known for his strong vision in graphic design and digital artwork (Global Dragon).

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Date: Thursday, 5. August 2010 20:25
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    I really enjoyed this event – it was intimate and judgement free. Truly wonderful vibe shared. Thoroughly enjoyed trippin the floor to Amani’s beats!

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