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Lady Ra of Beats without Borders & Belly Belly Hip present: Arcanic Caravan – A Weekend of “Tribal Secrets” Dance Workshops & Tarot Deck Photo Tour with Anandha Ray! June 14-16, 2013

Wednesday, 17. April 2013 2:56

Meet Anandha Ray of “Tribal Secrets”! (S.F.)


After retiring from an award-winning, 30-year career in modern dance, Anandha Ray is re-emerging as a dance photographer and as a tribal fusion choreographer synthesizing modern dance into the world of tribal fusion bellydance. Seeking to expose the extraordinary within the ordinary, Ray’s work has long delved into the subculture of shadow and light, figuratively and literally.

Both dance and photography have the potential to change the world, giving pause to the viewer, evoking thoughts and inspiring questions. In their authentic forms they speak human truths and they cannot lie. For Ray, the synthesis of modern dance with tribal fusion bellydance provides a fresh forum for exploration and understanding of the unmistakable beauty of darkness and the honesty of our humanness.

Internationally acclaimed as a dancer, director and choreographer, and recognized as a master teacher of the highest level, Ray has produced over 300 concerts, directed a professional company on tours of seven countries and throughout the USA, directed dance departments at a university, a college and a community center, and founded and directed a non-profit studio/theater.

She is well known for her unique methodologies for training dancers who improve rapidly to attain the highest tenets of professional dance. For her contributions in dance she has been inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame and as an honorary Kentucky Colonel, has received commendations from the US Senate and the CA Assembly, was named as one of 25 Women Leading the Arts and as a Visionary for the 21st Century, and has received numerous grants and awards.

Friday June 14

Ethiopian Dinner Meet & Greet 6pm-7pm

Modeling for Dance Photography 7pm-10pm   $45 (inc. dinner)

Conceptually, a great photograph captures not a dance pose, but rather freezes a moment of profound performance at just the perfect point. Not every photographer can coach dancers as well, as many don’t have the knowledge of the form required to assist the model in finding the perfect moments to photograph. Thus, dancers need to understand just how to communicate those perfect moments for the camera. A photographer and model herself, Ray was the photo assistant and dancers’ coach for internationally renowned dance photographer Scott Belding for 15 years. There are many Tribal Secrets that make modeling for dance photography much easier to understand!

Saturday June 15 – 9am-5pm

Tribal Secrets Tarot Deck Photoshoot! $150

The goal of the Tribal Secrets Tarot deck is to harness the beauty and magic of the Tribal Fusion Bellydance world, and to market this beautiful world to the public. These cards will mark this time in the history of Tribal Fusion Bellydance. There is magic in the imagery and energy of Tribal Fusion Bellydance, and this world is the embodyment of the symbolism inherent in Tarot cards. It’s a perfect match to create a living deck.

Dancers who model for the deck will work in collaboration with the Tarot Deck team to determine which card will be theirs.
Personal Tarot deck card designs can be used as business cards as well.
Decks will be published professionally and sold at festivals and stores throughout the nation.Selected cards will be blown-up and displayed in galleries through out the U.S.

$150 per one hour shoot includes digital access to all photos and15 retouched photos of your choice! A fantastic deal for Anandha’s gorgeous work! No licensing fees! Check out her portfolio here:

Other days and times may be available for outdoor shoots; please check this page for updates. Please indicate preferred day and time on June 15, 17, 18 or 19th as well as a phone number where we can reach you to arrange times if necessary.

Saturday June 15 8pm-late      $15.00

Special edition of Caravanserai featuring Anandha and our amazingly talented local dancers, with afterparty hosted by djs Lady Ra & the Lizard of Oz!

This is going to be an extra-special night of dance and music!

8pm @ The Fall Tattooing and Artist’s Gallery
644 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC‎

Sunday, June 16

Moving with Confidence: Intuitive Technique for Bellydancers 10-1pm   $35

Unlock the physical blocks to absolute and intuitive technical mastery in this non-stop, highly athletic technique class. Each student will experience pure technique in motion through guided movement instructions that expose and re-program blocks in the performance arena. Students trained through this method attain the highest levels of mastery in technique, risk taking, and emotional expression. Can be attended by all levels but is best suited for intermediate/advanced students.

A Waking Dream: EMP for Bellydancers 1:30-4:30 pm  $35

EMP (Expressive Movement Processing) teaches emotional expressiveness in movement and provides a method for understanding authenticity in performance. Combining improvisation, dance therapy and choreography, this class takes the participant on a journey to their inner depths of performance. Through guided imagery, like a waking dream, students develop a pathway to heighten their performance ability. Suitable for all levels of dancers. Take your performance to the next level!

Workshop Options

Tonje Olson

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Armani Friend of Desert Dwellers: a co-production between Lady Ra & Chris Chill of Interchill!

Thursday, 5. August 2010 20:25

Amani Front Web

So, I’m really pleased to be able to create an event around Amani and his Desert Dweller sound! For real. I’m listening right now to ‘Misty Mountain’  (go head, press play, below!)  in my headphones. There is the gentlest of cool summer evening breezes wafting through my window, I am exhausted from a tightly scheduled week, and I am feeling myself reach my centre. The richly textured layers,  balance of deep bottom bass, flutes light as air, and harmonious mid-tones are just what the shaman ordered .

When I need to create an ambience of crystalline clarity; when I need to smarten up and get yogic; when life as a human on this spinning globe starts to overwhelm; a dose of Desert Dwellers releases just the right amount of seratonin and endorphins. And I am certain that putting Desert Dwellers on regular rotation makes one more intelligent.


Amani Friend (founding member of Desert Dwellers & Liquid Bloom) has been a musician since his fingers could reach a keyboard or percussion instrument. A graduate of the College of Santa Fe’s cutting-edge Contemporary Music Program, he has nearly two decades of music production experience in jazz, blues, dub, electronica, ambient, world music, yoga, healing, and progressive dance music …always combining the diversity of the world with the most modern production methods.

Amani produces regularly with studio partners Treavor Moontribe and Rara Avis under the name Desert Dwellers. The roots of this “virtual band” come deep from within the electronic music gatherings taking place in the deserts of the Southwest. The Desert Dwellers have remixed artists such as Deep Forrest and Karsh Kale; their music appears on White Swan Records, Six Degrees, Native State, Bedrock, System Recordings, Ritual Sounds, and their own label Desert Trax. Amani also produces under Shaman’s Dream, Liquid Bloom, Amani vs. Teapot, and Cerebral Dub.  When not making music, Amani has become known for his strong vision in graphic design and digital artwork (Global Dragon).

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Finally, Lady Ra has taken over her own cyberspace!

Thursday, 12. November 2009 1:48

Dj Lady Ra

Finally, dj Lady Ra has a website that she can update herself! This too shall lead to new horizons! Thank you Wordpress! Changes are-a cooommin’ UP!

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